You are the One or Are You My Soul Mate?

We all think about it and some of us dream about it. The one, the person that will sweep us off our feet and make everything better. It is a constant journey to get to the one, isn’t it? What if the one isn’t, in fact, the one?

Let’s think about that. The one person you’ve wasted countless years and days turns out not to be the one you need in the end. It turns out to just be more build up to get to the one. Life can be funny that way. They can be the first one or the last one, the one you least expect or the one you expected all this time, and even just someone that has been waiting for you (yes, you) to turn to them and proclaim you are the one for them.

Then comes a problem, what if they are the one for you but you aren’t the one for them? In all honesty, that would probably make you soul mates. See, now the one can turn into a soul mate. Someone similar and perfect for you and, in my personal opinion, someone you can’t end up with. Soul mates aren’t the one. They are what you would want the one to be, perfect. The one for you can’t be perfect, that is an unreal concept. The one for you has their moments of perfect, but you love them for the imperfections the most. They stick with you for your imperfections also. Soul mates, you will meet them, you will fall for them, but you cannot end up with them. It’s just the simple reality of the entire situation, soul mates are too perfect but the one is out there, waiting patiently for you to love them for their imperfections and perfections.


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