This year, the 50th anniversary of the cool and suave James Bond is upon us as the much anticipated Skyfall finally arrives. James Bond has been a strong tour de force of a franchise that has catered to spy fans, action fans, and people who just love to see gorgeous women take over the screen…yet I’ve only seen two of these films

Starting October 18th, we will take a look at the James Bond series with fresh eyes, starting with Dr. No (1962) and ending with Skyfall (2012) when it releases on November 9th. I probably heard all the theme songs for each film and played the games, but have not seen all the features and as a fan of film, that’s a bit of a hassle. With this blog series, we can take a look at the good (Goldfinger which I’ve seen), the bad (Octopussy from what I hear), and the ugly (Die Another Day in most Bond fan circles) and determine who is the best Bond Girl, the best Bond villain, and the best Bond.

Quick disclaimer: If something in my personal life or in my writing schedule (as I work for both campus news and a website) comes up, I might have to cover two films in one day for a double feature post.


It’s time for me to suit up, drink a few martinis, and go on an incredible cinematic adventure.

Do I expect you to join me on this adventure? No, I expect you to read as I go through it.