Catch up on 007 in 23: 23 Days of Bond Before Skyfall is Posted!

This weekend, I am giving you, the reader, an opportunity to catch up on all 22 Bond film reviews before we head in Skyfall, which will be posted around Monday due to celebrating birthdays this weekend and personal issues I need to sort out. From Dr. No to Quantum of Solace, get some weekend warrior reading done after your plans. Below will be the posters of the features with the links attached. Merely click the posters to be directed to the film’s article and go on reading. Get ready because after Skyfall is posted, I will make a Top of the Crop List: Bond Edition, which will rank the ten best films, ten best Bond girls, ten best gadgets, ten best villains, and determine who is the best Bond.

Sean Connery’s First Five Features of the 60’s

George Lazenby’s Time in the Spotlight Closing Off the 60’s

Connery’s Ill-Suited Return in the Start of the 70’s

Roger Moore’s Record 007 Run From the 70’s to Early 80’s

Timothy Dalton’s Harder Edge Bond of the Late 80’s

Pierce Brosnan Brings Bond Back for the 90’s and Early 00’s

Daniel Craig’s Darker Blond Bond, Rebooted for a New Age in the Late 00’s and Beyond

COMING MONDAY! The Final Mission: Skyfall


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