The Ticking of Time

A concept grander than what we perceive it to be and granted we take
Time, the true enemy of man, always in the way of the plans we make
Always worried about having too much or having less
One can never create something to possess
Time, the wonder of the hours slipping away in space
Minutes and seconds unaccounted for going place to place
One can never make time or take away time
Time only goes forward, but it also goes backward
Infinite possibilities surround the mystery as it seems neverending
A bittersweet idea that ends up gone once leaving the Earth
The finale at one’s death, yet begins with the beauty of birth
Relying on it too much makes one the early bird with the worm to take
Relying on it too little makes one known as a flake
A common villain is space and time
Almost till the end without a reason or a rhyme
But it lingers, never to fade from day to day
Sometimes I wish time can fly away


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