Back to the Drawing Board: A Look at the Wonder of Animation Starting The First Week of December

As I get my personal life together, search through the trenches for a steady job and sort things out for future endeavors to come, I have decided to tackle another blog series in between to keep myself sane.

This December, I, along with my sister Jennifer, will be taking a look at the wonderful world of animated motion pictures and giving quick reviews of each one.
Originally known as The Animation Station, it is now called Back to the Drawing Board to pay tribute to the artist who bring the animation.

We will explore the old and new to the G-rated to the NC-17 rated to the works of both Western Animation and Anime. From Disney to Bashki, hallmarks will be covered every day or so in December.

It is a collaborative effort between me and her and we hope to get those who see animation as kid’s stuff to see that it is not.

Time to get Back to the Drawing Board! 

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