At The Start of Cataclysm

Sitting as I watch the world in front of me go down
I start to wonder if I should be wearing this frown
Looking back on the past, the present, and a future in doom
Seems like there has been nothing worth mentioning from the mind I call a room
The sky is crumbling and God cries with madness with tears streaming from his face
The devil himself sarcastically cackles in at the suffering takes place
People I have loved and lost are falling or sailing to their places of purpose in the afterlife
I have no place in the second realm’s universe after all my strife
No contributions I have made can fix the damage that is being done
And in the nightmarish end we have all but won
Rambling and rambling as the world finally falls is all I can do
A cataclysm is at hand with Mother Nature releasing her wrath
And there is nothing that can save myself or anyone else


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