007 in 23: SPECIAL ASSIGNMENT- Everything or Nothing: The Untold Story of 007

SPECIAL ASSIGNMENT- Everything or Nothing: The Untold Story of 007 (2012)

Isn’t always funny how you can find more for the series you have done long after it is finished? This is one of those cases as I seemed to have missed this along the way. No surprise since I was only doing the official 23 EON films, but I feel that Everything or Nothing is worth a look for any Bond fans, cinephiles, or new fans.

This documentary talks about the creation of Bond and the struggle to bring him on screen and the aftermath dealing with all the Bond actors and how the character could live on. It is interesting that it manages to detail all this information in under two hours showing Ian Fleming’s involvement to bring Bond to the screen to see his creation come to life. Fleming seems to always think of Bond as a cinematic character and worked to achieve that dream. As a newcomer to the franchise, I was enthralled to learn the in and outs and to see the work Cubby Broccoli and his colleague Harry Saltzman did to keep production going and even naming their production coming EON as an acronym for Everything or Nothing, a motto Broccoli and Saltzman lived by to risk James Bond being the franchise giant it is.

The interviews with the countless Bond actors and crew is a delight as well from George Lazenby talking about his utter foolishness when making On Her Majesty’s Secret Service to Pierce Brosnan ripping on his own set of films that aren’t GoldenEye (Quote about Die Another Day: “Kite surfing? The bloody hell, we are kite surfing!” *laughs hysterically*). The documentary also shows the behind the scens of Kevin McClory’s lawsuit over the rights to Thunderball making him the Big Bad of the feature as he went of his way to ruin the Bond franchise since the incident. Luckily, EON stopped him from doing so, but long after McClory remade Thunderball in the form of Never Say Never Again with Connery back as Bond. On an interesting note, Sean Connery doesn’t appear as he is retired so they rely on archival clips and interviews to show his views on the series and his longtime battle against Harry Saltzman. The oddest part of this documentary is the random interview with Former President Bill Clinton for insight on the series stating James Bond is a man every president wants to be (and judging by Clinton’s career, he was pretty damn close at being just that). One other thing I enjoyed about it is using the footage of James Bond features to show how Fleming and the behind the scenes worked making all our favorite villains seem to represent the executives.

I really didn’t want to give much away about what this documentary details since I want those reading this to go watch for themselves. Everything or Nothing provides everything you need to know about the franchise and nothing gets overlooked due to focusing on its subject matter quite well with insights of the good and the bad. I strongly recommend this one to rent and, if you have Netflix, it is streaming right now for your pleasure.


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