A light through the balcony door
This was a light I had seen before
Yet so different it was from the rest
It put my poor brain to the test
The rays shone upon a girl at bay
Reading and writing, studying away
She turns the pages over and over
Beside me as I sink lower and lower
Into a poem to express my admiration
For a woman bent on determination
The silence it grows between
As the sun shows off the last of its gleam
I sit and sigh as my mind wanders
What is with the woman who ponders
Am I attracted to the smarts she possesses
Or am I a fool in like without progress?
She writes as I write
And she smiles at I
She twinkles her toes underneath the looming dark skies
Yet I say nothing for I may be deemed uncool
To her potentials and her rule
But I do not worry because I try
To be the light to brighten her sky