Untitled Poem #1

Lost in thought, lost in time,
Was there ever a reason to the rhyme?
I lose myself in another dance of romance
Only to end in a trance.

The selfish need that harbors my insides
Plauging my heart as it hides
Underneath the tissue fragile and worn,
Made up of pieces formerly torn.

The many nights I spent with Russian, Manhattan, and Goose
Luckily, I never gave into the noose.
Too much potential according to them would have gone to waste
If only, if only, they knew my personal taste.

A seductress of raven hair and curves
Wraps me up in her lustful swerves.
We danced all night and swung in a sensual daze
I gave up on myself and wounded up in a haze.

Years I ponder at the bridge under the stars
And yet, I see someone so clear nestled in the headlights of cars.
I was picked up by them and taken to my hive
Where they kept me inside steering clear of my attempted killing dive.

I slept for hours and hours on end
Trying to reassure myself if it was my heart that was on the mend.
And when I awoke, I saw the sky bright and clear
No longer afraid of what I used to fear.

A glimmer of hope hit me square in the face
I had to finally figure out where the universe had put me in space.
And I climbed the mountains and ran through the trees
To find a stronger doppelganger to help the old me flee.

The journey is though, long and winded
And I rest in an area soft and kindred
Still on way to find what I need the most
To make the shadow of my former self a mere pitiful ghost


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