She told me to study the stars and I did
Now, her star is collapsing into a supernova.
Watched these diamonds sparkle as a kid
Swooning my heart like a mischievous casanova

Another gave me a novel about faults in a star
About a blossoming romance, death did them apart
I started to slowly lose interest in the first girl, leaving a dense scar
My manic pixie dream boy tendency ripping out her heart

Idiocy playing on as I distract myself with a player of plays
Sending me message via the telephonic wave
A condensing individual who I know nothing of, but what she says
To the point she makes this awkwardness finally turn brave

Something in my nervous system trickles to my hand
Writing down messages to which will reach their place
Descriptions of the various nature of romance that surrounds our land
Hoping one of them can be my saving grace