An idealist, creator with a soul of gold
Heavy on the rule of love he longs to hold.
With friends, he speaks with brutal honesty
Alongside comic takedowns, his special ability

In private, he takes the time
To say the words to help his rhyme.
The man wants the world who shunned
To turn into a world where he is loved

A gorgeous smile he delievers to ease the pain
Locked away underneath with no need to regain
Lost in time yet I hope I understand
What lurks within his elegant hand

They mock, tease and jerk him around
But he rises above them high up in the cloud
Knowing that the fierce sensibility will wear them down
And make them all a gaggle of clowns

In an alternate life, I kindly say
Yes, If he would love to date for a day
For something this charming must be an experience
Luckily, one day, a person will come to earn his deliverence

And so, I dedicate this to a man
With bravery and courage I never can
Obtain, yet he taught me that above all else
That I can learn to love myself


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