Tips for Surviving The Purge

Hello! As you know “The Purge” is quickly approaching, arriving on Friday, June 7, and we want to make sure that you have all the necessary and helpful hints at your fingertips. Whether you are hunting or sitting this one out, we have some key insights for you to survive the night.
Before you head out, refer to these simple DOs and DON’Ts for the evening:
DON’T wait to hit the treadmill a week before The Purge.
Besides the fact that gyms are always busiest the week before The Purge, it’s important to keep up your fitness BEFORE going out to hunt. There’s nothing more embarrassing (and even dangerous!) than heading out with your rifle on Purge night, only to find that you’re winded after just a few blocks of chasing prey. Don’t put off exercising! You’ll thank yourself later.
DO display blue baptisias to show your Purge pride.
Even if flowers aren’t necessarily your thing (ahem, guys!), it’s important to have a visual icon of your support for the country and for the NFA. A simple bouquet of baptisias placed in front of your home shows you support The Purge, and increases the likelihood of a safe, bother-free Purge night.
DON’T brag about your Purge night.
We all know that skill levels differ and some hunts turn out tamer than others, so try not to rub your Purge victories in your neighbors’ faces! If you made it known that you were out hunting and your friends ask directly how many victims you bagged, then feel free to share your achievements. But until then, no one likes a Purge Bragger.
DO leave plenty time for Purge traffic.
Despite government warnings, every year we hear dozens of stories about the husband who stayed at work a little too long… or the teen who thought the 405 Freeway wouldn’t be that bad. Don’t get caught out there! Heed the warnings and keep driving to a minimum. Trust us, you don’t want to deal with anyone’s road rage on Purge night.
Your personal style shouldn’t fall to the wayside when planning an outfit for The Purge. Learn to combine form and function with these tips and you’ll be truly dressed to kill.
Black is not only an elegant choice but a versatile one. Though patriotic, a star spangled blouse may be appealing, but you will appreciate a more subtle choice if it becomes necessary to stalk your prey, or elude a potential hunter.  If you’re feeling bold though, nothing stands out more than an all-white ensemble.
Should you have to make an offensive or defensive dash, you’ll want to select clothing that won’t constrain your movement. Ladies should avoid any unnecessary ruffles, fringe or beadwork that may impede agility or could easily be grabbed. Stretch jersey or denim is good fabric choices that are functional and fashion forward.
With June’s unpredictable weather, layering clothing is of the utmost importance. Not only is it fashionable, but an extra layer adds additional protection for your skin should you find yourself in a precarious situation.
Purging with friends? Show your unity and support of The Purge by coordinating accent pieces or select a unique color for those closest to you to wear. This can help identify your friends if you encounter or engage with another purging group.  Masks can be a great choice and an effective way to intimidate others, as long as they don’t obscure your vision. A hat, pocket square or blue baptisia on your lapel is chic, simple choices for your Purge crew.
Marilyn Monroe once said, “Give a girl the right shoes, and she can conquer the world.” Pick the wrong pair and it may be your last night on earth. Shoes can make or break your outfit and your Purge. Avoid poor fits, noisy soles, bright colors, and excessively high heels. Our favorite choices include rubber -soled black boots or for a more casual look try dark sneakers with black laces.
Be sure to share your Purge fashion tips and photos on Twitter using #SobreviveLaNoche
Exercising our right to purge is one of the most socially responsible things we can do each year for our great nation, but have you thought about the carbon footprint left by your Purge activities? Here are five easy ways to purge the streets of filth without polluting during this year’s hunt:
1. Hunting is more fun with friends. Plan together and carpool to cut down emissions.
2. The biodegradable materials used for protection have come a LONG way since the inaugural Purge. They’re every bit as protective without any of the environmentally hazardous effects.
3. Energy use skyrockets during The Purge. Use your security system’s timer or set an alarm to shut off any extraneous energy-wasting lockdown features immediately at 7AM.

4. Be considerate and clean up your targets after you’ve purged. Most municipalities have a designated drop-off location where volunteers will handle corpse disposal or donation for medical research. Your victim may just help in curing cancer… now that’s social responsibility!

5. Even if you’re not hunting this year, you may wake up the next day to find a mess on your driveway. Don’t panic. Hydrogen peroxide is eco-friendly and will lift blood right out of concrete.
Not purging this year? That doesn’t mean you can’t be an active supporter safely from within your home. We asked Purge security experts to provide their best advice for staying safe while enjoying this year’s Purge. Here are the top five tips:
1. Stay alert. Even for the non-participant, being alert and vigilant is a necessity. Only when we are prepared and self-sustained can we truly enjoy The Purge.

2. Protect your home. Even if you cannot afford a top-level security system, you can take steps to make your home safer. Try a basic barricade at your stairwell and remain either below in the basement or safely above on the upper floors.

3. Cover up and keep away from windows as they are an easy portal to danger. Upper-level windows, though less dangerous than those on the ground level, should still be safely covered and avoided.

4. Have a safe word. Though outings are not recommended for non-sportsmen, a friend or spouse who has been purging may come to your door. You will want to have a safe word shared amongst your friends and family that must be presented before opening the door or lowering security.

5. Be prepared with plenty of food and drinks. Not only will this keep you from unnecessary travel on Purge night, it will make for a comfortable and enjoyable viewing of the events.
And what Purge isn’t complete with some festivities? Throw a Purge Party that’s guaranteed to keep lockdown from becoming a letdown! It wouldn’t be a Purge Party without a few libations. But remember, it is still Purge night, so you’ll want to keep your wits about you for any surprises or uninvited guests that may try to crash your party. Beer or wine is generally recommended over hard liquor for Purge night. But here’s a recipe for a cocktail that will keep you partying and patriotic, without completely impairing your ability to hunt.
Red, White, and Blue Martini:
2 oz. Hypnotiq
1 oz. Citrus Vodka
1 oz. lemon-lime soda
Splash of grenadine
Now that you have your drinks, don’t forget the snacks! Choosing a weapon can be difficult, but one weapon always seems to make it into the arsenal for a Purge Party—the chicken wing. Whether it’s a full-on family meal, or just amidnight snack, wings are always a hit during The Purge. And if you’re looking to add a twist, try tossing in a 1/2 cup of Parmesan and 2 tbsp. of Dijon mustard right before they’re done baking.
Last but not least, 7PM to 7AM is a long chunk of time. Try challenging your party to a movie marathon; or finish an entire season of your favorite TV show! Treat it like a slumber party and see who can last the longest without falling asleep.
All of these helpful tips will ensure a safe but fun Purge for family and friends to enjoy! For additional tips and info, please visit
Happy Hunting!
Universal Pictures’ The Purge, in theaters June 7.

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