Awesome Update for Followers, Readers and WordPress Writers

Hey guys, Serg here.

First things first, this site finally has a Facebook Like Page! (Link right here) It took a long time to revive the old one and make this one be filled with  updates on original content and a separate home for readers to find what is next on on Film A Week (and this month is one of the fun ones). This helps eliminate clutter on my personal page on Facebook (Link right here if you want to add me).

As we all know, this site has been going well in the past couple of months as the Film A Week series continues to go on, some nice press releases have come our way to help build a media mind, and current film reviews are now coming together. Alongside that, new poems and revised lyrics from the past come to light to give more balance to the site as a whole and guest writers have come in to share their work and thoughts leading this site to team up with for the upcoming series focused on the Star Wars film series. The site is becoming what it should be: a platform to celebrate pop culture and giving more exposure to writers.

In the wake of this, I would love to announce that is ready for upcoming writers to share or post their work on this site for everyone to read to create a small built-in team of writers. The posts can range from television, music or film reviews and original works such as poems or short stories. Of course, this is all for fun and to deliver more exposure for new readers and more content on both your personal blog and this site. If you are interested in this opportunity, just e-mail me personally at

Finally, I like to announce that more creative and personal content will be posted here including more poetry, short stories and personal blogs about summer visists, projects I am up to and freelance work. Along with this, more content from shall be posted and shared here in honor of he Film A Week series and reviews being shared on that site. Jesus has been an influence, mentor and supporter of this site and me in my personal life, so this is returning the favor. I am excited for the new opportunities that are taking place and cannot wait for you readers to chime in. I really could not do any of this without you all.

Thanks for sticking around and for continuing to,
Sergio J. Berrueta aka Serg Beret


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