Experience a bone-chilling slasher first-hand at ‘The Great Horror Campout’

Written by Jesus Figueroa, Thisfunktional.com

As the sun goes down, the creatures come out at “The Great Horror Campout” in the Los Angeles State Historic Park on June 7 and 8. A successful first year for the event was marked with about 700 people in attendance the first night with 8 of those people being crowned Hell Master.


The camp creator and producer Melissa Carbone excitedly explained details of the Campout as she made her way through the camp grounds followed by a few of the creatures that roam the grounds at night. “It’s my job to scare people. If I don’t scare you, I’m not doing my job,” said Carbone. Easiest way to describe this is an interactive horror camp experience. Best way to describe it is a camp slasher film experience brought to life.

The brave campers have to be ready to endure through 12 hours of fantastically horrific camp grounds where no one is safe. Scattered throughout the camp grounds are items to be collected by the visitors. Collecting the most items gets the visitor crowned Hell Master. Three tiers of scavenger items are located through our the camp ground with tier one items being difficult and rare to obtain and tier three items in more abundance.
Tier one items would also be the hardest and funniest to obtain.


Having to survive through a “Homestead” maze crawling with creatures ready to capture and torture visitors. Getting through the “Homestead” does not guarantee an item as the visitor has to be quick to break and cut off one of the 10 fingers, a tier one item, of a man strapped to the hood of a broken down bus. Just invade that’s not brutal enough, nothing is secure, “One of the best parts of the event is the rule changes that happen throughout the night,” said Carbone.

The whole camp ground is fair play no matter if out on the “Hell Hunt,” catching one of the films shown throughout the night or in a tent with friends creatures can sneak up and capture campers at anytime. There is something to thrill and horrify everyone. Dress accordingly, by morning campers may be wanting to trow away the blood stained clothing. Having to crawl through tunnels, be dragged off by goatmen, attacked by biker clowns or hunted by a swarm of chupacabras is not an easy or clean task.


The “Hell Zone” includes “bray road” which leads to “the Ritual.” Along the way campers may encounter creatures and items in the cocoons of “Pleasant Pount,” the large beast of “Bigfoot Country,” or amongst the giant spiders in “the Nest.” The dark voodoo ritual holds another tier one item which participants will have to participate in to receive. Off of the ritual, campers come across the chupacabra infested land. Traversing the land is a mission and the fun and horror is just starting as campers enter a labyrinth where a centipede creature always with yet another tier one item. To get back safely a small tunnel await to crawl through and escape.

Food is provided with camp out food at “the Mess Hall,” hot dogs, burgers and snacks are available, some for sale. Breakfast is provided and tents to sleep in as well. All campers need to bring are flashlights, sleeping bags and their survival instinct.


Come and enjoy the next “Great Horror Campout.” It’s exciting, it’s creative and it is intense. So enjoy getting scared, tortured and captured. Just try and survive the night. Join the 600-700 campers per night that attend this event. Gather as many of the items as you can while being hunted but the approximately 115 creatures of which belong to 60-70 different types.

For those who can’t endure all that’s needed is for the safety word to be screamed out. But who would want to pay to be screaming “I want my mommy” all night long? The event took upwards of 8 months with creative people working diligently to bring this experience to life.

For more  information please visit greathorrorcampout.com.

Don’t forget “Only the dawning sun will save you.”




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