100 Posts: An Open Thank You Letter

Has it really been 100 posts? Seems like only yesterday my dunce mind came up with the crazy concept to move from my old Tumblr blog into the world of WordPress to start a personal blog. As time went on and one Limited Blog Series devoted to James Bond, the blog has turned into a combination of pop culture with Top of the Crop, tributes to cinema in Film A Week and personal lyrics and poetry. This post is celebrating the fact that this site is a hundred post in, but it would be nowhere without any of those who have contributed, inspired me or continue to make this blog go on.


A big thank you to Jesus Figueroa of Thisfunktional.com & IWatchMike.com for inspiring me to continue on pursuing writing and to make this site become something more. He has contributed content and has been a mentor to me in my personal & educational life. Without his words of wisdom, I would be completely lost on making it this far. Jesus is a great man and an even greater friend. You, sir, are a gentlemen and a scholar.



To my guest writers, I want to thank you all individually.


To Jenni Chante, my darling sister, thank you for stepping in to share your thoughts on The Prince of Egypt. Since we have known each other practically our entire lives, it was nice to collaborate on a project together to share our love of animation. I cannot wait to start writing the new bi-weekly Back to the Drawing Board series which will start in September.


To Erik Luna, you are a terrific man and wonderful writer on Coraline combining humor and critique in a refreshing way. In the newsroom (ELAC Campus News), you helped me remain focused and keep on track. You have told me to learn to calm myself and focus on what truly matters in this life. It will be an honor to serve on your staff next semester and I will work my damnedest to make you and our staff proud.

To Summer Gomez, thanks for providing insight on the classic (500) Days of Summer since it is always great to hear feedback from a real Summer on the film. You are a gifted young woman and a delight to have around


To Megan Perry, you are a wonderful person with a big heart and know how to get it done when it is called for. Thanks for contributing to the site by writing Batman Begins and for leading me to realize what it takes to be a journalist and become a part of the Campus News staff (Even if I feel personally I need a couple of things to work on to truly fit in). It was a pleasure to know you and have in my life to teach me new values and lessons.


To my ELAC Campus News staff, you are a remarkable group of people. We may bicker, argue, tease, pry and have some disputes, but in between that, we have a blast joking, getting to be a unique family and managed to bring a paper to life every week. I would be nowhere without each of you for letting me enter the newsroom and allowing me to see if I can truly succeed in my writing.

To my best friends in the world, Gerardo “Jerry” Monroy, Alejandra Carrillo, Jasmin Acosta, Alex Aguayo, Rosura Montes and Andrew Miramontes, I love each of you for sticking by my side and making sure I never give up even if the going gets tough. You guys keep me going and I would hate for any of you to stray away after all the moments we have made. To my other friends, you each have given a piece of your time and heart

To my Twitter pals, Ilse Torres and Marissa Roxanne Brown, you two keep my Twitter active and support this whole crazy site from going to complete waste. Ilse, you taught me what it takes to go exploring and getting out of my comfort zone to open up a new realm of possibilities to go onto. Marissa, you were there on my blog in the craziness that was Tumblr and have been following since those days. We are far apart, yet your influence is still felt.

To my family, I thank you the most of all and save you for last. Family is important to me and you guys are proof of that. It is wonderful to rely and come to you for help. You all have taught me the value of being a man, maturity and to be the individual I always wanted to be. I love you all and kindly thank you for it all.

Sincerely with love,

Sergio J. Berrueta aka Serg Beret


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