Humble cinema worker in central London Simon Horrocks shot his micro-budget debut film “Third Contact” in 2010.
“Third Contact” was produced with roughly £4000.
Shooting of the surreal thriller “Third Contact” took roughly a year with cast and crew volunteering time between their jobs.
The film premiered roughly two years later alongside “big” budget films, such as Peter Strickland’s “Berberian, at the Hofer Filmtage in Germany.


“Quite the masterpiece and sensational debut,” Thomas Rothschild said, award-winning British-Austrian critic.
Hollywood’s elite, such as Tom Cruise, J. J. Abrams and Christopher Nolan, have all recently premiered their blockbuster films at the the British Film Institute, BFI, IMAX on London’s Sothbanks.


Horrocks and company chose to self-distribute  “Third Contact,” the model most popular with the current generation of independent filmmakers. The goal is not only to self-distribute and bring the film to the big screen, but to bring the film to the biggest cinema screen in the United Kingdom, the BFI IMAX.


Horrocks hopes to join the Hollywood Elite with his small budget film which does not compare with the budgets of other films shown at the BFI IMAX.
A campaign is running on to raise the £15000 needed to fund a cinema relase for “Third Contact.”
Twenty percent of the £15000 is already funded.


A reward offered to backers is a visit to the BFI IMAX premiere, should the campaign reach it’s target.
To help out with a donation visit the ( site. Any donation would help propel self-distrusted film “Third Contact” to its goal.


To learn more about how a cinema worker on £7.45 per hour wrote, directed and produced his acclaimed debut without funding and is now in with a chance of screening it beside films with budgets roughly 5000 times the size, visit the official website


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