Gorgeous dancers perform magic and undress in MYTH: Legends of Burlesque & Magic at Anime Expo 2013 July 6th

“MYTH: Legends of Burlesque & Magic,” presented by 
William Draven, comes to the 
Los Angeles Convention Center 
July 6, 2013 at 9pm. Ticket are $25 and can be purchased here.

Nationally recognized illusionist William Draven will take to the stage at the nation’s largest anime convention “Anime Expo” at 9pm for a 120 minute tour-de-force of amazing magicand beautiful dancers. Draven’s show is packed with an amazing lineup of super talent including Las Vegas’s mind reader to the stars Paul Draper, America’s Got Talent performer Nathaan Phan, International model and Miss Universe pageant contestant Vixen DeVille, Masters of Illusion’s Farrell Dillon, Hollywood’s own Freakshow Deluxe’s Reverend Vincent Wolf & Brother Daniel the Demented, and New York’s diva of burlesque Stella Chuu.

William Draven, Paul Draper, Nathaan Phan, and Farrell Dillon have multiple TV appearances including the nationally airing “Masters of Illusion” on MyNetwork, as well both being veterans of national and world wide tours. “Between the sexy burlesque dancers, and the outstanding lineup of magical talent we have this year, I believe that there is something for everyone in this show. It’s the best show we’ve ever put on for this convention as of yet!” Remarks Draven, “I’m excited to perform at the convention, it’s been a few years since I’ve been here and Draven really knows how to put together a show!” comments Draper. Anime Expo is the nation’s leading expo of Japanese animation, culture, and manga. More information about the convention, prices, hotel rooms, and registration is available on its website at 
www.anime-expo.org, More information about William Draven is available on his fan page
www.facebook.com/TheWilliamDraven , More show information including tickets can be found at 
http://tickets.anime-expo.org. MYTH: Legends of Burlesque & Magic is a mature show and only suitable for audiences 18 years or older. 


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