AX Anime Expo 2013 RECAP: Day 2, Dangers in cosplay panel discussion raises awareness

The seriousness of cosplay dangers were acknowledged and sent to the fore front by Liaison, left, Madison Valentine and Sally Sparrow at the “Cosplay is not Consent!” held today at the Anime Expo 2013.

(Photo by Jesus Figueroa)

Written by Sergio Berrueta and Jesus Figueroa

Day two at the Anime Expo 2013, AX2013, at the Los Angeles Convention Center continued with some serious issues to bring to light in between marvel and excitement that filled the air on Friday.

“Cosplay is NOT Consent!” hosted by, touched upon the lewd behavior issues that developed as cosplay becomes more and more popular.

Cosplay Deviant models Sally Sparrow, Madison Valentine, Liason and professional cosplayer Gina B. share their experience of being approached, harassed and how they reacted by con-goers who do not acknowledge the fine line between the character and the person.

With stories to share and advice to give the panel looks to make cosplayers aware not only of the growing problem but that there are people who can help. The top advice given was to not stay quite about these incidents, allowing it to happen because “it won’t happen again” gives the wrong impression.

Voice actor Christopher

Sabat talks about his career and projects with press

conference attendees today at the Anime Expo 2013.

(Photo by Jesus Figueroa)

AX 2013 Guest of Honor Christopher Sabat, famous for voicing Vegeta & Piccoloy in the hit series “DragonBall Z,”discussed his work as a whole and the future of “DragonBall Z” at a press conference today. Sabat joked around and answered questions about his life in the anime industry and the latest reimagining of the “DragonBall” series, “DragonBall Z Kai.” 

A friendly and down to earth Sabat was thrilled and stunned by some of the questions asked to him but too all questions and answered as them as best he could, with the limitations of privileged information.

Sabat took time from his busy AX schedule to sign autographs and deliver a quick photo-op for the press in attendance.

OUT OF CONTROL- The crowd erupts as Virtual Kei band

Cell takes the stage for a powerful J-Rock set in the main

hall of the the Los Angeles Convention Center.

(Photo by Jesus Figueroa)

The popular Visual Kei group Cell took to the stage delighting fans with their chaotic and metal-inspired J-Rock sounds alongside Moon Stream and Kaya. The live set was preceded by some music videos and small intro videos of each band.

Once the groups took the stage the main hall of the Los Angeles Convention Center erupted with cheers. The audience stood in excitement as Cell payed a loud and hour-long set.

The western premiere of Blue Exorcist: The Movie went off as a hit with the room filled to capacity with eager fans waiting to see what it had to offer well before the premiere was scheduled to begin. The line stretched down the long hall of the convention center with eager-hopeful anime fans waiting for a chance to see the film.

Day two came and went with many anime booths, live art performances, concerts, screenings and vendors. Cosplay attendees were happy to pose for pics of a tasteful nature and awaited a chance to pay tribute to their favorite characters.

More details on the events of day two will be posted soon.


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