The Mystery of the Outer Spectrum

Into the abyss surrounding our inner sanctum
Lies the dark void known as the outer spectrum
A cold un-oxygenated venue of despair
That would leave a lonely traveler grasping for air

Diamonds that twinkle, dead yet sustain
Lighting the beauty, stagnant in the light years while pain
The endless and boundless lands to uncover
With global fields longing for life to discover

Streaks of fire and ice cruise across the infinite night
Waiting to crash land to win a one-sided fight
Rings and belt cavort around celestial giants
With the sun and moons ruling as tyrants

Technicolored nebulae ionized in gas mass
Many be galaxy this system may soon surpass
Black hole and wormholes swallowing precious lives of old
Into other dimensions and multiverses of stories untold

An extended collection of a universe to explore
One for future generations to not ignore
The mystery of the outer spectrum is soon be reveal
A dream for the inner sanctum to make real


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