Site Updates! August Film A Week Film Reveals & Amazon Wishlist

Hello, readers. Serg Beret here.

Now, normally I announce the Film A Weeks films as the weeks go along in order to maintain the surprise, but this month, I want to change that by announcing them beforehand since I will have my hands full in the upcoming weeks. The month is all about uncovered genres on Film A Week with each week diving into a new genre into the mix.


As announced, Week 30 is 2009’s Paper Heart covering the mockumentary genre. Week 31 will explore the Western genre with the Sam Peckinpah classic, 1969’s The Wild Bunch. Week 32 will venture into the straight up horror genre with 1942’s Cat People without the past horror films that blended humor or science fiction themes. Week 33 gets into the New French Extremity subgenre with Gaspar Noe’s highly controversial films, 2002’s Irreversible, which is one Film A Week to look forward to as it will be handling cringe-worthy themes in a very serious light. Finally, Week 34 will go into the erotic film genre with 1979’s Caligula, the first true X rated film to be covered for the series and the first NSFW review because…well, it’s Caligula.


Week 30: Paper Heart, August 2nd
Week 31: The Wild Bunch, August 9th

Week 32: Cat People, August 16th
Week 33: Irreversible, August 23rd
Week 34: Caligula, August 30th

With that announcement, time to share the Film A Week Amazon Wishlist. This wishlist was a long time in the making and pertains solely for review purposes and helping this series and potential series and retrospectives. The Amazon Wishlist is located on the sidebar and at this link: This will help the site strive as it strives to eventually make some form of revenue. It is a good way to support new series such as Back to the Drawing Board coming in October and Play The Record, a music series premiering in late September/early October, and you will get recognition as well.

Thanks for reading this announcement. Love you all,
Sergio J. Berrueta aka Serg Beret


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