Astoria Entertainment presents ‘Thunder Road’ Kickstarter Project

Written by Jesus Figueroa

Astoria Entertainment brings kickstarter project “Thunder Road” to kickstarter in an attempt to get crowd funding for a project that these three filmmakers are passionate about. This film looks to be more than the Hollywood guns-a-blazin’ hero takes the war and comes home film. This film seems real. 

Post Traumatic Stress Disorder affects many of the soldiers who go out and fight for our freedom, for our way of life and for the ideals that the United States stands for. 

“Thunder Road” will tell a realistic story of a soldiers life post-war, dealing with PTSD and trying to adapt to continue on with his life, as close to normal life as he can possibly get. 

The Kickstarter goal is set at $750,000 to produce this film in a stripped down manner. That goal is a minimum amount that is set to just produce the film. The more money they gather the more the film will be their true-to-life vision of the film.

Below are links to learn more about the film and a link to their kickstarter page. Help bring to lis film that is not based on research done through a search engine.

These filmmakers took a trip across the United States gathering real stories, from real soldiers, with real problems. 

The result of all their research is the script for “Thunder Road” which contains many true stories from soldiers that were there.

Follow the links check everything out and support this film any way possible. Spread the word or donate towards making this film a reality.
Kickstarter –

Matt Dallas- Actor, Kyle XY

Steven Grayhm- Actor and Co-founder of Astoria

Charlie Bewley-Actor and Co-Founder of Astoria. twilight


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