The Wanderer

Stranded in between the steel giants that watch over
Walks a strong warrior known as the wanderer
Down an endless path carry the heart for exploration
Many will believe she is on a permanant vacation
The wanderer is an odinary person like you in me
Delievering her wits and wisdom from desert to sea

Armed with a black trenchcoat and wit
The wanderer appears places where she sees fit
One rebellious mind on the lamb from the past that haunts
Escaping the monsters of tease and taunts
Her raven hair cut short, manic and punk
Making temporary friends with a personality of spunk

She makes way for herself and scours the lands
Yet no location can truly meet her demands
A protector of own being with weapons, both mental and physical
Utilizing them to her own design, an experience somewhat whimsical
But being a minor savoir is a daily event to the wanderer
Wishing to be at a place where she can finally wonder


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