Film A Week September Films Announcement for

August is almost coming to a close and the next semester of school is ready to begin, but Film A Week continues on. With the controversial Irreversible this week and Caligula to end August, the films of September are going to be both a breather and a blast to cover.

First off, we cover our first politically charged film that just happens to be a comedy. Malcolm Tucker is off to prevent or promote the UK and the US being on the verge of entering an invasion of the Middle East. Malcolm, played by Peter Capaldi, must use his wit and sharp blunt tongue to solve a disaster in the making in In The Loop (September 6th).



Then, Charlie Chaplin’s Masterpiece of comedy and romance, City Lights, gets covered to see our beloved Tramp fall for the blind and beautiful Flower Girl, played by Virginia Cherrill, in the critical & audience darling of 1931 (September 13th).



After that week, FAW covers its first television movie and, Whovians, this one is for you. Hop into the TARDIS and join Eighth Doctor Paul McGann to take on his arch-nemesis The Master, played by Eric Roberts, in Doctor Who: The Movie (September 20th).



Finally, to end the month of September, we go into another classic of cinema and the one responsible for bringing anime to the west. One name says it all: AKIRA (September 27th).



Thank you for your time and see you in September on!

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