Kickstarter Projects- Art Therapy: The Movie

Written by Jesus Figueroa

This Kickstarter only has 10 days left and it is for a great project that explains the importance of Art Therapy. This project just seems like an amazing way to make a wider audience aware of the important role art plays in many people’s lives. They have a moderate goal of $20,000 to bring “Art Therapy: The Movie” to theaters in the spring of 2014.

The documentary will not just be of the way art affects people in the United States but rather on a world wide scale. Primarily focusing on North America, South America and Japan.

The donated money does not go to buy equipment but rather to improve on the production of the documentary by allowing for a chance to get an Emmy Award winning Editor, Animation and effects team that has experience working on projects like this documentary and for music, Grammy nominated artist are working on the soundtrack of the film.

The biggest part of the donations will go to the expense of travel, since it is the biggest cost. The film will show real people and in order to get to those real people the filmmakers have to go to where they are. The people that will be featured are all around the world and although the filmmakers don’t mind the cheaper alternatives to flying there are some places where there is no alternative.

The cost of screening the film, going on the festival circuit and distributing is a costly one and will also be part of what the donations will cover.

Please check out more of the project here.


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