In the Cyber World: A One Year Anniversary Special

Today was an average day. I woke up from a pretty decent sleep I do not remember getting into since I passed out after a long day at my school. I put on my clothes after having showered the night before and went back to East Los Angeles College to embrace in the world of hard-hitting journalism, studying and wasting my thoughts on personal emotions stirred up inside. Entering my first class adjacent to the newsroom, I went to my desk computer and sent in an application and logged into WordPress, only to find that it has been a year since this site launch. Really? It’s been a year already I thought to myself. A year spent on dedicating my thoughts on cinema, a fictional British character, spreading poems and trying to make sure this is not a huge vanity project. After a year, I am glad to say, damn, it really has been quite a year.

I first started this blog with a purpose and that purpose was to share my opinions, thoughts and humorous notes. The blog never found its proper footing until the pretentious as hell (yes, I can finally admit that looking back on it) 007 in 23 series focusing on James Bond. It gave me the will to write again everyday and pursue this as a potential career even if I end up broke. Between November and December though, I started to neglect the blog as I started the groundwork to work on a personal pet project of mine I wanted to make: Film A Week.


Film A Week is my child and one that I wanted to make go from just me writing to getting other people involved into writing it. It was created to entertain  and spun from the 007 in 23 series to continue writing more. I also dived into Personal Ramblings and posting old poetry and lyrics. With FAW, I wanted to collaborate and expand to have others involved. Even better was collaborating with my mentor and friend Jesus Figueroa of & and eight other websites god knows he works for to expand my personal goals. I even got more in touch with my cohorts in the ELAC Campus News team that are nothing short of amazing. Hell, I even worked alongside Jesus at the Anime Expo 2013 and it was fantastic as hell. Never for a second would I trade that experience for the world. FAW is not over and I am not finished collaborating and this site is certainly here to stay, yet something just does not seem right. This how venture would not be possible without a majority of people I wish to thank right now. I may get emotional while writing, so bare with it please.

Tissues here if needed

First off, let me thank the amazing group of people I work with known as the ELAC Campus News team.

I want to start off with Erik Luna who was one of the first people besides Jesus to step up to the plate to write a review for this site. Personally, Erik is a leader and a good natured person who hates to see anything bad happen to anyone and, somehow, puts up with me. Next, Lindsey Maeda, who I served under before for one semester, worked alongside her on laying out a page back when I was a mere copyeditor and now happily serving under again. This woman is remarkable with a kind soul and a pure delight to be around. Without her, I would be lost in the journalism sea confused, hungry and wondering what in the hell I got myself into.

Also getting me out of the muck is Danny Vasquez, who was originally going to write for a review, but had to cancel. This man is brilliant, courageous and taught me that I should not worry because I am alive and being alive is what I should be happy about. Former Editor-in-Chief Megan Perry who is now venturing on her own course helped build me into a better writer and editor. She taught me the importance of working with others, how to appreciate everyone around my world, flaws and all.  Another important person as part of staff is Jesus Figueroa who has contributed to this site countless times, be it sharing press releases, writing reviews or even just promoting his site, Jesus has been a part of this small site. Without his contribution both online and offline, I do not think I could be where I am today. Finally, a former Veteran of the Campus News, Veronica Hurtado for contributing her review of Roman Holiday on short notice and coming through surprisingly well. She is pretty darn awesome and knows what she is talking about.

Everyone from the staff writers to the photo people are beyond brilliant and a mixture of personalities that no one would ever think about ever working together. Yet, somehow, it makes the ELAC Campus News keep going and striving to be something more than a paper.

To my friends, I have kind words for you as well. My best friend, Gerardo Monroy aka Jerry has not been featured on the site just yet. This man I met back in the year 2004 and has been my best friend since then. With his honesty and confident nature, he has helped me grow into a stronger man. Jerry is a friend I never that I would be able to have around in my life and earns the title of my best friend for many reasons. I would not trade him for the world unless Dianna Agron were to walk right into the room we are in, then I would trade him.

Seriously, Jerry, I would

To all my other friends, I have too many to thank for their individual contributions, so screw it, I made a list:

  • Alejandra Carrillo for teaching the harshest of lessons I needed a refresher on
  • Antonio Uribe for letting me understand I can be a nerd and damn proud of it
  • Rosuara Montes for giving me the will to see the beauty of romance and regain confidence I lost
  • Alex Aguayo for allowing me to see that I can be comfortable in my own skin and with who I am
  • Marissa Roxanne Brown for being one of the first ‘fans’ on the internet who supports everything I do
  • Ilse Torres for showing me that I can break out of my comfort zone and to take risks
  • Jasmin Acosta for telling me that I can be more open to possibilities
  • Andrew Miramontes for being a down to earth person that showed me that reality is what we make of it

Trust me, that is just a few out of the many people I absolutely appreciate. If I could list more of them, this post would already be longer than it is now.

Finally, a nice thank you to my family. My family keeps me going and believes I can make it from where I once was. Before in the past, I would have been a lost cause and stuck somewhere much worse, but due to their words of wisdom, I am glad to be alive and ready for the next step. The main person that keeps me going is my grandfather who never for a second lost hope in my accomplishment. He knows exactly what I have gone through to achieve my potential goals and more. I love that man more than anything in the world. My mother is also another person that keeps me going for the same reason as my grandfather, but encouraged me to take new adventures and explore my world further, something she said she wish she had the chance to do. To every else in the family from my darling sister Jennifer to my uncles Ricky and Alex, I appreciate every waking moment they are involved in.

As for the future of this site, it is wait and see at this point. There are a ton of things I am working on and will want to happen soon for the site and in my personal life like a nice internship. Till whatever I decide to do in order to move further, this post was all of the ones that are here for me, the site and will be in the future.


2 thoughts on “In the Cyber World: A One Year Anniversary Special

  1. Megan Perry

    Sergio, you have grown so much since the first time I pressured you to write your first wrestling article. I know you’ll be amazing in this business, and I’m proud to have been able to work alongside you. You’re a great writer with so much potential, so don’t waste it. Let me know when I can write that “Roger Rabbit” review! Haha. Keep in touch, Serg.

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