Kickstarter Projects- “Bereave” A New Feature starring Malcolm McDowell

Written by Jesus Figueroa


Feature length film “Bereave” looks to crowd-funding to take this project from development to pre-production and production.

The feature film set to star Malcolm McDowell and Jane Seymour needs the support from the crowd to get to the next step.
The Giovanis brothers head this Kickstater. They are passionate about this film and have been trying to fund this project since 2008.
With three films having had a good response on the film festival circuit and having won awards at some of these prestigious film festivals, the Giovanis brothers look to crowd-funding as a way to improve their film.
With every film trying to be better than their previous film, their new film “Bereave” combines a great cast with a good storyline.
“Fatally ill and unable to reveal this secret to his family, Garvey thinks he has figured out how to die alone. Suffering the mortal fears, Garvey’s behavior becomes erratic. But when his beloved wife Evelyn mysteriously goes missing on their anniversary – he must live to save her! In that short time, Garvey realizes what life still has to offer and in following his journey; we do too.”
The Giovanis brothers are asking for $100,000 to make a feature film. How will this project be made with such a low budget?
The $100,000 Kickstater project is just part of the funding, an “angel” investor will match up to 50% of the crowd-funding.
There is only a short amount of time left to fund this project and they have some good incentives for supporters. Take a look at their Kickstarter video and see what this project is all about.
“Bereave” Kickstarter link:

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