She Was…

She was the only one to hold me close
She was someone from above that I did not know
An angel among demons, a light in the darkness
A spark that constantly glowed
She was the one for me and I needed
Everything about her heart and soul
She was the one that I did not want to let go

She came around to give me a rebound in my life
She spoke to me and tried to help me see what I am about
She was the most gorgeous creation in the world
An unknown person of unspoken origin
She was the one to break my fall

She knew the wonders of stars I wanted her to behold
She appreciated the beauty of the world
She was the one I wanted the most

Then she let me, letting the romance begin
So we found the flame to ignite our collective heart
She held my hand, we tripped into a dance
Spinning around and I loved her so
She was the one I needed the most

Then she left me out of the world
She shunned me, deserted and left me in the cold
She was the first to let go

Time has now passed and she fell someone new
She is happier than she ever was before
She was the one I had to let go


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