Film A Week 43: The Spooktacular Seventies- Dawn of the Dead (1978)

The undead, walkers, or zombies as they are widely known as, have fascinated the world. In more recent times, the dead have set the backdrop for dramatic situations and an allegory for paranoia set by the aftermath of traumatic events. In some eyes, anything surrounding zombies seems to be, no pun intended, beating a dead horse. Yet, the master of the over-killed sub-genre set the standard for what can be done and not film has done it better than the classic by George A. Romero, Dawn of the Dead.


Dawn of the Dead tells the tale of the mass hysteria that sweeps up the nation after the events of Night of the Living Dead as the unknown plague spreads. This leads the U.S. Government to attempt to take control of the situation, despite the problems emerging. SWAT team members Roger DiMarco, played by Scott Riegner, and Peter Washington, played by Ken Foree, are clearing out an apartment to control the plague in its third week. As this goes on, WGON reporters Stephen Andrews, and Francine Parker, played by Gaylen Ross, are amid the newsroom chaos and plan an escape. Peter gets wind of this and heads with Roger to escape Philadelphia.

Now, normally, I would do a review, but tonight is Halloween and I rather do something extremely nice. That’s right, there’s the whole film below. In a simple review, this movie is a fantastic film by George A Romero and builds upon the mythology and pathos he set up in order to create this world. The creation of paranoia and hysteria is on par with Gojira and The Thing. The effects, while dated, still hold up in the modern era of horror film. The gore is astounding and a marvel to witness. The acting is very to its time with raw and real performances. Never does the movie feel campy or tongue-in-cheek as it takes everything seriously.

Oh and…have a happy Halloween.

 Film A Week: The Spooktacular Seventies- Dawn of the Dead (1978)
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All Rights Reserved ©1978 Laurel Group, Inc & United Film Distribution Company

Next week, celebrates the one year anniversary of the 007 in 23 series that helped launch the say with the film I said I would never do. There exists another James Bond film that is another telling of the plot of Thunderball. Just like Sean Connery said before and regretted, I am going to have to Never Say Never Again.

Film A Week 44: Never Say Never Again (1983) A 007 in 23 Anniversary Special

Saturday, November 9th


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