XMAS 25 Day 2- Holiday Eats: The McDonald’s Egg Nog Shake


As far back as I can remember, I always wanted to try the Egg Nog Shake. Not because I thought egg nog is delicious, I hardly touch the stuff. No, because of what a unique idea it is. How do you take the frothy, thick and often liquored up drink of egg nog and blend that into the thick and rich consistency of milkshake with ice cream, whipped cream and a cherry on top?

At McDonald’s of course, the mother of all things fast food and willing to put me in heart attack mode every year with the annual release of the McRib.

I know it’s not healthy, but it does not need to be in order to be delicious.

Anyway, last night after seeing Frozen and Catching Fire at the local cinema, I decided “Now is my chance to try this shake I have been vying for.” Sadly, I did not get any pictures since this is sort of last minute, but I can describe it regardless. The shakes looks like a vanilla shake only with the added cinnamon flavor that looks closer to caramel than anything. The ice cream itself that seems to be vanilla has an added yellow coloring to it and looks relatively close to the Egg Nog Shake picture above. It seems that McCafe Shakes are the only thing they serve that actually look like they do on the menu above.

The price is pretty decent as well as they range about $2.69 for a medium size.

Now actually drinking the drink, I am actually quite impressed. The flavor captures the essence of a good egg nog drink well with the cinnamon not being too overpowering and the egg nog flavoring being closer to richer vanilla flavor than the actual vanilla itself. The only downside to this shake is the calorie count. At over 600 calories, this is a diet destroyer, but then again, at McDonald’s, what isn’t a diet destroyer?

McDonald’s shakes never disappoint as it is the one item from McDonald’s I tend to order as a pick me up. Mickey D’s is just as known for their shakes as their burgers, except over the years, the shakes have gotten better and the burgers have gotten worse. The Egg Nog Shake ranks up their with the best of them and worth a try. The Egg Nog Shake is a seasonal beverage and usually last on the menu till the end of December.


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