Thisfunktional’s Top 10 Most Unexpected Film of 2013

Written By Jesus Figueroa of
Some films are made to be blockbusters and then there are some that just sneak up and just are incredible films.

This list is some if the films that just surprised me. I thought most if these could not possibly be that good. Some just had bad promotions. Nonetheless they ended up being films I saw and film that were some of the best of the year. They are must see films of 2013.

10. The Baytown Outlaws
This film’s trailer didn’t do it justice. It’s incredible and I was shocked at how much I enjoyed it. It was a must see film I’ve seen multiple times through the year.
9. Struck By Lightning

Much like “Perks of Being a Wallflower,” this coming-of-age story is moving and incredible. Based on the book by Chris Colfer, who is also the star of the film.
8. The Last Stand
Who doesn’t like a good action film? This one had the amazing Arnold  Schwarzenegger come back. Not only was the action adequate but it had a cowboy feel to it that made Schwarzenegger even tougher.
7. Metallica Through the Never

The aged rockers show off just what has made them icons and legends. The story was brilliant and the music was spectacular. It took everything that a concert movie was and made it an adventure. The film pushed the limits of it’s genre and succeeded in making it appealing.
6. Now You See Me

This magic act is intense. The marvelous concept caught the audience’s attention from the start and never let it go. The plot is complex and the twist in the story is great.
5. Upside Down

This Romeo-and-Juliet-type story is cute, romantic and a tear-jerker. The breathe-taking scenery and contrast of worlds amplifies the powerful message of the film. The struggles of the main characters has a realistic feel although it is sci-fi.
4. Evil Dead

Surprisingly this was a great addition to the “Evil Dead” franchise. It’s gore and terror sticks long after the movie is over. Of course Jane Levy as the title role was incredibly as she made her deadite character hot and sexy.
3. Mama

Guillermo Del Toro presents “Mama” which scared the audience which watched it. In the theater where I watched it there were plenty of men and women screaming when they saw it. It was shot amazing and casted magnificently.
2. Quartet

Only a limited release but incredibly breathtaking. The performance by the entire cast was inspiring. There’s few movies that leave a lasting impression but this one touches some crucial subjects which make it memorable.
1. Despicable Me 2

The most shocking part is the manner in which Kristen Wiig comes back to voice an entirely new character in this sequel. It shocked me how well this animated film was hilarious even after setting the bar high with the first part.

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