Site Update: Three new series starting Spring 2014 & a call for new writers

Hi, everyone. The past couple of week’s have been quite odd as I am trying to figure what to do for this site and where it should go. This question kept creeping up a lot during Film A Week of what is next on the site. Today, for you readers, I want to reveal some new series for the site as well as content I am in the works on. Now, just to let you know, a majority of this may not go into effect until mid-Febuary or the final week of January at the earliest. 

Coming Soon


First off, the Friendly Film Perspectives series is a new commentary series that me and my pal Matthew Reveles came up with and it is in the testing phase right now thanks to the pilot episode on December 25th with Die Hard as the test feature. 

 It is not a review series, which is a breath of fresh air on this site filled with countless reviews on film. The next episode of that series may be in February, but it is up in the air. We are working on improving audio for when other friends step in to join on a commentary. This series is more focused on watching film, having others download our commentary and hearing what we have to say to create a friendly experience.


Fort Geekly
Coming February 1st


Fort Geekly, a bi-weekly series, will be dedicated to all things geek related. This idea was actually the brain child of Jesus Figueroa from after some conversation, so he gets full credit for even thinking of it.

The series will be more a retrospective series in the same vein of Here You Leave Today…A Disneyland Retrospective I wrote two years ago. It will give focus on the legacy of a certain series that has grown big in the world of geekdom. The reason that it is bi-weekly is to focus on my educational & personal life as that has been given a lot of emphasis at this point in my life. It helps fit my new schedule and the challenges that come in the way. 

Also, the first post is on the modern series of Doctor Who, so be prepared.


Coming Late February


Remember last April in Film A Week all about animation? Did you know that was a test run for Back to the Drawing Board? No, of course you did not. Me and my sister have had two years of planning behind this and we are ready to make it realize for the first time. The problem is that we both have very busy lives, so this series may have an odd schedule of posting.

The series will focus on animation on the big screen and small screen, the controversy of animation in the mind of the public and even give some insight on foreign animation (yes, that also mean anime for those who love anime). 


Along with these new series are more poetry, lyrics and personal ramblings that have been absent to let off steam. I also want to focus on bringing in new writers to share their ideas and content. I would love to have new writers step in not only on these three series, but to contribute some stories of fiction, poetry and even personal ramblings. I rather the site go from being just one person into expanding to something grander with more people. I love working with others and would appreciate more contribution.

That is all the updates for now. See you all soon on these new series.

-Sergio Berrueta


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