The life that you live
Is not the life you wish to not have give
A minute, a second or hour of your time
As you start to lose your reason in the rhyme

Even if the pictures seem to fade
You see no progress from what is made
Yet you look beyond the black abyss
And think of all the chances you missed
You maintain hope for the next stage
To overcome this life’s threats venomous rage

But the point has come where destiny has a plan
Should you end it for all you can
You look outside the winter so cold
And wonder what life will be when your old
The experiences that would be gone in a single blast
Are now memories you want to last
So you drop your weapon and open the door
To head back to the world before

To conquer the land to be the person who cares
Someone to make a risk and take on dares
To be the better friend to those that surround
And give out love that has no sense or bound
Get out the door and let the outside light come around
As this moment destroying demons leads to another beginning
And notice that life is in fact worth living
Because if your suddenly your gone with every round going empty
Tears are to be shed and hearts break a plenty

But it is a good feeling to know your alive
And continue on to always survive


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