Cards Against Humanity: Disney Edition

In order to make up for the great delay of Film A Week-Week 2: The Running Man, Jesus Figueroa of, Danny Vasquez of ELAC Campus News and I have made a Disney Edition expansion to Cards Against Humanity.

Hey, own Cards Against Humanity? Do you also love Disney? 
Well, awesome because now you can combine the two by downloading the fanmade Disney Edition expansion pack for your convenience.



There are a total of 200 cards (140 White Cards, 60 Black Cards) all referencing your favorite Disney films, theme parks, actors, shows and music you love. Nothing like making jokes about the innocence of classic Disney romance along with the horrors of Nazis, Michelle Obama’s arms and more.


Below are the PDF links to download to add for your collection:


DisneyCAH 1 DisneyCAH 2

DisneyCAH 3 DisneyCAH 4

DisneyCAH 5 DisneyCAH 6

DisneyCAH 7


DisneyCAH Black1 DisneyCAH Black2 DisneyCAH Black3 DIsneyCAH Black4




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