The Spooktacular Cinema: Villains of Pop Culture- This October 1st to 31st


The Halloween season is upon us and is looking to make is “Spooktacular” again. This time around, The Spooktacular Cinema: Villains of Pop Culture highlights the most fiendish villains ranging from the classic villains of the silver screen, evil bosses in video games and famous baddies from the television screen. It’s a bit of a stretch, but makes the month interesting in hindsight to give every villain an equal share.

Top of the Crop, the list series on this site, will be doing a list of Top 12 Horror Icons in film to pay respects to those who tormented our minds growing up. Where will Freddy rank? Will the Wolfman have to claw his way to the top or will Ghostface be cutting him down to size? Find out when Top 12 Horror Icons comes this month.

The video podcast Friendly Film Perspectives, hosted by Sergio Berrueta and Matthew Reveles, will be entering the Five Stages of Horror this month entering sub-genres of horror such as classic science fiction, mystery, psychological, musical and comedy. Find out which films have been chosen every Wednesday starting on October 1st and ending October 29th.

Finally, Film A Week: The Spooktacular Seventies returns on Halloween with 1979’s The Amityville Horror, starring Margot Kidder and James Brolin. Originally chosen for last year’s run of Film A Week, it was scrapped in order to make room for Suspiria to be featured, but this year, there is no turning back. Enter the house of a former mass murder and see if we can survive the night.

Stay tuned because October is going to be a ton of fun for readers as The Spooktacular Cinema takes over.


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