Villains of Pop Culture File #9799: Mr. McMahon (WWF/WWE Attitude Era)

Written by Sergio Berrueta


Name: Mr. McMahon
Played by: Vincent Kennedy McMahon
First Appearance: 1997 as Mr. McMahon. 1980 as himself.
Villain Type: Heel Wrestler, Corporate Boss
Crimes Committed: Screwed Bret Hart, Screwed ‘Stone Cold’ Steve Austin, Deemed the Higher Power in the Ministry of Darkness, Adultery, Etc.
Status: Alive

On November 9, 1997, the entirety of the World Wrestling Federation was in shock over the shocking decision of Bret Hart losing the title to Shawn Michaels, despite not tapping and submitting. This incident became known as the Montreal Screwjob. The figure head of the WWF, Vincent Kennedy McMahon, was interviewed by commentator Jim Ross who asked McMahon who screwed over who. McMahon simply replied with “Bret screwed Bret” and from there, Mr. McMahon was born.

Mr. McMahon was an exaggerated version of Vince McMahon and to talk about him would probably take ages, so this is the attitude era we are focusing on when Mr. McMahon was in his prime. Mr. McMahon was in the midst of a heated battle with Hart, but when Hart left, him and his corporation had a new target: “Stone Cold” Steve Austin.

With Austin starting to rise, Mr. McMahon was at the charge and ready to attack as Austin did not give a crap about authority at all. Austin started getting extreme pops with Mr. McMahon getting nuclear heat. It had a slow build after his grueling match with Owen Hart and having to be out of wrestling, but Austin made his presence clear…by stunning the boss.

From then on, Mr. McMahon began to screw out Austin on his chances to become the championship. From trying to get Mike Tyson to calm his ass down to getting Kane and the Undertaker to do his dirty deeds, Mr. McMahon did not pull any punches. He even vacated the title just to create a tournament for the WWF Championship belt. Austin struck back by threatening to kill Mr. McMahon on live television. this lead Mr. McMahon to fire him.

After a grueling tournament for the championship, The Rock walked away with the title while Austin suffered getting screwed after having just came back to enter the tournament. Austin demanded a Royal Rumble spot, but Mr. McMahon put at the number 1 spot to screw him out of the main event slot at WrestleMania. Mr. McMahon left the Royal Rumble after leave from the bottom rope to duke it out with Austin and won the Rumble by his own evil deeds.

The next night on Raw, then-commissioner Shawn Michaels and Steve Austin let Mr. McMAhon taste his own medicine. Mr. McMahon was going to have someone compete for him as a replacement, yet according to the WWF Rule Book, the winner of the Royal Rumble must give up their spot in the main event if they are unwilling to compete.

Naturally, this lead to a cage match at the next Pay-Per-View.

The winner of the match would get to compete in WrestleMania against The Rock and at St. Valentine’s Day Massacre, it all came to a glorious match with Vince setting a trap for Austin to lose the chance to be in the spotlight. He would call upon newly hired Paul Wight aka Big Show to end Austin and get himself in the main event. What happened after is…well, legendary.

Austin won his chance to go to WrestleMania XV and defeat The Rock in front of disgruntled Mr. McMahon. With Mankind coming in to step as referee, Austin walked away the champion with Mr. McMahon looking like a jackass in the process.

After, Mr. McMahon would send Austin into a fued with the Undertaker and somehow end up going against Triple H with the whole McMahon family being a part of the storylines. When Austin returned again at the main event of the card against The Rock, McMahon seemingly finally won something of his own: Austin turning heel and going over to his side.

Mr. McMahon was at the top against Steve Austin and continued to be a bastard for years with conning out wrestlers, sleeping with divas and getting into a bizarre, yet charming feud with Donald Trump. Mr. McMahon is someone wrestlers looked forward to and dearly miss.


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