Travel With Purpose: Stop Sexual Slavery Indie GoGo Campaign to help #StopSexualSlavery

A few months ago I watched a documentary & read a book that changed my life called “Half the Sky” [] about the oppression and violence women face across the globe.

I remember just sobbing watching and reading anecdotes of young girls who had been kidnapped and sold to brothels and were forced to have sex with up to 10 customers a day 7 days a week, kept naked, beaten, and tortured.  My heart felt heavy learning about honor killings in the Middle East…knowing there are over 100k Chinese girls unaccounted for…that Vietnamese girls have to fight to get educated because families rather educated their sons…about African women coerced to get their genitals mutilated and how that results in obstructed labor increasing the chances of a mother dying while giving birth…

Coincidentally I had already booked a trip to visit Cambodia, Vietnam and the Philippines and I thought to myself, I can’t visit those countries knowing what I know now and not do something to help.  So here I am…asking you to be part of this journey with me.  I will be personally going to 3 shelters (2 in Cambodia and 1 in the Philippines) and delivering all the supplies to these young girls and women.  All of these organizations help girls that have been rescued integrate themselves back into society by providing them shelter, counseling and education.

My goal is $10k. Why $10? $4,500 will be donated to International Justice Mission [] in order for them to launch a rescue mission to save girls from brothels and the rest of the monies will go to buying supplies for 110 girls and 20 staff members in a shelter in Cambodia who chose to remain anonymous and educational tools for the women at My Refuge House [].  Thank you for listening and thank you helping me make a difference!

So here I am…asking you to be part of this journey with me.  Please donate, share, create awareness…this is not for me…this is for the millions of girls that were robbed of their innocence and freedom. Thank you for listening and helping me make a difference.

With love,

Loren Medina
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  • Between 500k-2M people, the majority women & children, are trafficked annually into prostitution, forced labor or slavery
  • It is estimated that there are up to 20k honor killings a year
  • An estimated 60M girls are “missing” due to selective abortion of fetuses or neglect
  • 75 million children are out of school, the majority are girls
  • More than 1M children are left motherless every year

Travel With Purpose: Stop Sexual Trafficking
Travel With Purpose: Stop Sexual Trafficking

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