State of the Website Address: Late Nov.-Early 2015

Hey readers,

As many can see, not everything in October got done. Personally, this month was pretty damn hectic. I did not have no time to post everything or make everything come to fruition. I got busy with a new tutoring gig I’m doing, the newspaper work piling up and college eating up my time. I feel like complete crap for not getting it all done and I personally apologize for all of it. To make up for it, late November and December are going to be filled with lots of stuff to make up for this misfortune.

The last episodes of Friendly Film Perspectives have not been uploaded, but will be soon in a quick unedited format on YouTube. This is to get them out of the way and bring Friendly Film Perspectives back again. The FFP podcast will now be every two weeks in order to free up more time for personal life situations and more editing in between. It gives me and Matthew Reveles room to breathe in life. Solo Film Perspectives or Top of the Crop Lists will be done in between episodes.

Late this month, me and my sister Jennifer Berrueta are going to be officially starting Back to the Drawing Board, a new podcast show that will focus on animation in film and television. This series will be different from Friendly Film Perspectives as it will dive deeper into the creation and history of the work with a review toward the end of the show. We’ve been trying to get this off the ground for about two years, but the time is about right to make it a possibility. Unlike FFP, this show will take longer to create in order to put more work into talking about the history to give a new and informative experience for those listening or viewing. The first episode will be about Sleeping Beauty and should be up by the end of the month. Since we are busy people, expect this show either once or twice a month.

Scheduled for Late November

Also, our first true video series should be starting around this time with my best friend Gerardo Monroy aka Jerry in which we tackle our favorite topic: food. It’s nothing new really, but it’s a show about food in which we try new foods, eat classic food faves and even some gross stuff. Gross food is not the main focus of the show. This is honestly more about exploring food around or area and eating it. The show will be filmed by Guillermo Morales, a close friend of Jerry’s, who is a new addition to the site. This series working title is Another Unoriginal Internet Food Show.

Scheduled for Late November-Early December


The one thing that is sure to come quite soon is a series I’ve been wanting to do for some time now and can finally get around to it. One game franchise I enjoyed, along with millions of others, was Guitar Hero. Personally, I wanted to know the history behind the product, its rise to fame and its inevitable downfall. This series will examine the game series from the first installment to the last (with some spin-offs discussed in between) as well as take a look at the history of the franchise. This series will start pretty soon as well and is aptly titled The Rise and Fall of Guitar Hero.

Starts November 17th

For December, a more elaborate 25 Days of XMAS will be done this year. This time, the site will be exploring 25 Christmas special and films with one per day as a way to celebrate the holidays. Unlike other series, I’m actually working on this one in advance to have stuff ready by December 1st. It’s a new work routine I want to start to ensure the best quality from this blog.

Begins December 1-December 25
Begins December 1-December 25

This is what is to come in the coming weeks. I’ll be back in full form again while balancing out my own life outside of the internet.

Thanks for your time and patience,
Sergio J. Berrueta aka Serg Beret




P.S. One more quick announcement before I go, next year, the real part two begins.

Film A Week Part 2 copy
Starts January 10, 2015

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