25 Films of XMAS: Die Hard (1989)


Die Hard (1989)

Whenever someone wants to sound tough around the holidays when someone asks what their favorite Christmas movie, they will almost always say Die Hard. Heck, we even did a commentary on this site for it celbrating it’s new status as a Christmas classic. Of course, this is mostly by osmosis since it takes place around the holidays like Lethal Weapon. This film, however, is better than Lethal Weapon. I don’t know if I will be killed for saying that, but Die Hard is a fantastic action romp.

New York Police detectictive John McClane (Bruce Willis) visits Los Angeles to help mend fences with his wife Holly Gennaro (Bonnie Bedella). Unfortnately, he picked a bad day to show up. At the Nakatomi Plaza office party, a group of terrorists lead by Hans Gruber (Alan Rickman) to steal about $640 million in bonds from a vault. The terrorists take the office hostage, kill the head executive and start to take down the hostages. The terrorists wind up unlucky as McClane decides to take matters in his own hand working alongside Sgt. Al Powell (Reginal VelJohnson), Deputy Chief of Police Dwayne T. Robinson (Paul Gleason) while dealing with a television reporter Richard Thornburg (William “Dickless” Atherton). Does McClane save the day? Judging by the …we’ve already done this joke before.

Die Hard is simple yet so complex in how its done. Willis as a leading man is awesome showing both how strong McClane is, but also showing his weaknesses in being a human with wounds. Of course, in later films, wrtiers would forget he isn’t invincible and treat him like Superman, but that’s not the point of McClane’s character. He is the every-man like everyone else. The villain is number one on my assholes of Christmas list for a reason because Rickman plays him to a tee of being nothing but a dick. He shows no remorse and does not hold anything back. This is not bad for Rickman’s first major motion picture role. the action is stunning with tight shots of one on one fights, shootouts and badassery throughout. We’ve kind of blew our wad on this film last year in a commentary on it last year. I stongly recommend hearing that for more thoughts.

Just know Die Hard kicks ass. Yipee kiyay, motherfucker.


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