She had a way about her.

The smile that haunts the bravest of men,
A voice, lisp-y but brilliant,
Eyes, through basic brown, sparkled in the night.
She had a way about her.

Her hands, soft to the touch,
Hair, a burnt brown autumn envied.
She had a way about her.

Dreams about her being…
Dances that never happened…
Star-filled nights that cease to exist…
Cherry blossom-filled kisses of falsehood…
Crashing waves in our feet that were created in imagination…
She had a way about her.

The way was never reciprocated.
She never dreamed of those dances,
Those star-filled nights,
Those cherry blossom-filled kisses,
Those crashing waves,
Those were my way about myself.

A selfish dreamer, a one-sided man
Infatuated by my own happiness
That is the way about myself.

A smile that never haunts her
A voice she never find brilliant
Eyes just a normal shade
Hands too rough to hold
Hair, burnt to a crisp no one envied
That is my way to her.

Her way went to someone else.

A leader of a promised land,
A leader that towers her,
A leader much better than I.
And her way seems permanent.

My way went to a guardian of heaven.

A warrior of intellect,
A warrior of courage,
A warrior much better than she.
And my way seems permanent.

She had a way about her.
And that way is separate.

Never will I see her
Under the command of the ladder
And never will she see me
Under the protection of my guardian.

These ways must remain permanent.

She had a way about her.