I. A multi-layered woman concerned about her life
Suffering, alone, constantly in strife
She’s beauty complete
A relic of time gone
Yet the honesty is too much
And her words broken
Because she is broken
She makes up for it in
Conversations with others, company of strangers
Because loneliness kills
Her self-worth
There is a love loss in her
A victim of circumstance
A multi-layered woman concerned about her life
Trying to cope with suffering
And strife

II. Chrome melts in this pot
Silver spreads, parts boils
Chrome shines in this pot
Bubbles burst and burns the hands
Dangerous and chrome blasts in this pot
Intense, slow, distracting
Controlling, patient, interrupted
Chrome starts to destroy the pot

III. Pictures of her being show a sense
of pride and security
Yet reveal a trapped beauty
Ready to escape
To raise the next girl in line
To build a true sense
Of responsibility and independence
To create the next one
To carry a legacy of elegance
Picture of her being show a true version
Of her worth and value
Greatness lives in her

IV. Care and comfort, I wish to provide
Safe and sound silence, I want to give
Perfection and chaos, I long to send
Compassion and compromise, I can deliver
Seduction and satisfaction, I shall gather
A multi-layered woman concerned about her life
If only, I can end her strife