Example 1 – The Model Student
A curious mind with curious doubts
Called upon those to set out a path
To live vicariously through rather than
Build their own routes
Nights without slumber
Days without human contact
The student with their head in the
No day dreaming, fantasies or well wishing
“Study and you’ll make it far”
Yet I’m fading; a falling star

Example 2 – The Rebellious Intellectual
Fools don’t understand the persistant
Nagging of those deemed higher than I
The various vices I humor myself with
Are just vices I learned from you
Alcohol-ridden breath, smoke-filled nights
Better than the sugar you relied on
Hanging out with the boys
Riding bareback with the girls
This is how you did it
And this is how I’ll do it too

Example 3 – The Hopeless Romantic
“What is love?” Haddaway never answered.
“Might as well face it, you’re addicted to love,” Palmer warned.
“Love me, love me. Say that you love me,” The Cardigans sarcastically quipped.
“Love, never knew what I was missing,” Keyshia said as she started to pull in for a kiss.

My form of love is falsely depicted
In manufactured lines and lyrics.
No boundless poetry set to music.
I feel romance, though I do not pursue.
These songs warn of that sacrement
And harm the tunnels of
Grey matter

Love is artificially flavored
Yet its high fructose I crave.
I cave in.

“Hey, you’ve got to hide your love away.”
I will, John.

I will.

Example 4 – The Depressed Specimen
see the water below

it may be the last
you will hear it.

take in the moment
it’ll only last a

of a kingdom of gold
and white that lies
beyond today.

the fall because you
won’t know what you
are miss…

Example 5 – The Gentleman’s Complex
There is a woman in my bed
A fine beauty, sleeping with grace
I only knew of her about seven hours ago
Her name escapes me at times
Could it be Sam?
No, it’s Kate.
I approached her like all my conquests

Start with the nice guy acts
Spout a few inquiries to her
Rope them in with flirtatious wit
Dry sarcasm and harmless innuendos
They look for a hand to hold
And I give it

We go back to my place, me and Kate
Sip on some wine
Flirt back and forth; a cat-and-mouse chase
Bring ourselves closer for a drunken kiss
Lay her down and she asks for love.
I refuse.

“You need to rest for a sober morn.”

And she sleeps the night away while I
Drink looking out the window in passionless mourn.

Example 6 – The Journalist
Stressed-Out Student Sought Support

Los Angeles, Calif. – A young 23 year-old man sought support for his stress. The man identified as Lucas Ibarra was seen struggling to cope with the pressures of his own anxiety about the future.

“My mind overthinks to the point I lose control of myself,” Ibarra said. Quietly, in the comfort of his bedroom, demons and ghosts of the past began to haunt him.

“You make yourself worthless. You are a failure,” a demon screamed. Ibarr then beat himself to get the demons and past out resulting in a bruise on his head. The bruise was caused by Ibarra’s own fists.

“There was no blood, only pain,” Ibarra said. Ibarra is currently seeking counseling at The Central Nervous Center located inside himself.

He is being evaluated and treared by nuerologist Dr. Johnathan Rojas and therapist Dr. Dementia Fine.


One thought on ““Examples”

  1. sergio berrueta torrico

    Don’t hide or hurt yourself, Lucas. Seek help where you think you will not find some, cry on the shoulders that have been missing you, someone else shares the same pain.
    Your Dad

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