Stressed-Out Student Sought Support

Los Angeles, Calif. – A young 23 year-old man sought support for his stress. The man identified as Lucas Ibarra was seen struggling to cope with the pressures of his own anxiety about the future.

“My mind overthinks to the point I lose control of myself,” Ibarra said. Quietly, in the comfort of his bedroom, demons and ghosts of the past began to haunt him.

“You make yourself worthless. You are a failure,” a demon screamed. Ibarr then beat himself to get the demons and past out resulting in a bruise on his head. The bruise was caused by Ibarra’s own fists.

“There was no blood, only pain,” Ibarra said. Ibarra is currently seeking counseling at The Central Nervous Center located inside himself.

He is being evaluated and treared by nuerologist Dr. Johnathan Rojas and therapist Dr. Dementia Fine.