Lyrics: “Cancel”

Watered down shell of the past
Guess this was too good, too fast

Plotted out a future in our heads
To be erased next morning in our beds

Confused face filled with admiration
Could not tell at first it was a confirmation

Desires fading
Intellect waning
Secrets coming out of
Nowhere to run
Or get out of

Look away from me with a smile on your face
An uncertain aftermath I cannot replace
Saw our future fly to the sun
Burnt down, only Icarus could blame us

Rage building
Heart collapsing
Emotions getting out of
Hand in your hand
It begins to sting now

Cancel us somehow
Reap the benefits
Cancel us now
Subscription’s over

Cancel us somehow
Hold for the next caller
Cancel us now
Dreams fade in and out

Cancel us somehow
Ghosts of us crawl about
Cancel us now
Leave our past selves on Earth

Cancel us now


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