Lyrics: “Alt Paths (These Blinking Lights Fade)”

Take it day by day
Everything seems okay
Perfection is not for me anyway

I still see Chicago in my dreams
I still see a window of opportunity

I am happy
There is no anger
In the calmness
I see your smile

I lay down on the couch by you
We stare on through night
And see how far we’ve made it
It’s a dream we built together
If only it were real

I am happy
There is no sorrow
In the calmness
I see the plastic life

The blinking lights
Pass on through
My mind wander by and by
Oh, I’ve lost you
I’ll soon bounce back once again

I see you dreams
I see your alt reality
It is not for me
Even though it’s beautiful,
I can never be apart of it

So far out of reach
It’s not what should be
In the calmness
I’ll see your smile
And leave again

These blinking lights
Pass for you
My mind wanders by with
Thoughts of who
These blinking lights
Shrinking down on the set you built
This is a false memory

On this Earth
I leave you alone
In this world
I’ll remain the same
As I always should be

These blinking lights
Fade away again
Ten years you dreamt them
Onto paper
And they never really faded
Until now in your darkest hour

In the calmness
We’re broken up in parts
Everything starts to go away
I will begin to drift away
I’ll begin to drift away

This alt reality is no longer in my dreams


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