Poem: “Exile of the Kind Knight”

I was attracted to her madness
Her rapier wit and her gleaming smile
I, but a kind humble knight, served her
She was my warrior queen

We fought treacherous battles; extinguished flames
Made romance in private; seductive dances in a haze
Kept her mind together; sorrow was mended
I was almost her idiot king

The empire under her rule I protected
Gallantly I strolled praising her declarations
Every solo battle I warred, she mended the scrapes
She kept my armor clean, my mentality calm
And prepared me for the next battle on the horizon

Until other knights sought her being and vied for her
Her mental being became pressured
Thus she isolated me and locked me from her kingdom
No words spoken, no glances shared
Our romance, our couplet of years
Gone in an instant

I was exiled with armor now bent
Scrapes untended, sorrow returning, mentality broken


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