Poem: “Man Under the Stars”

I am the man under the stars
A persona I myself have given
For the stars were my comfort
Before the warrior queen stepped in

Here I see diamonds light years away
Goals displayed and wishes young ones have made
These stars are mine in the clear sky
A boundless galaxy above us to see
If only with the naked eye

Here is where I will stay to set up my path
A path of life, exploration and rebuilding
This path nearly rained by the wrath of
The warrior queen’s regime

The green-eyed girl assured me this life
Is a reality stemming from a dream
Chasing is over and ambition declared
I am the man under the stars
And this is my home and I’ll always
Be there

Yet there is still an emptiness
In this home where I chart stars
Line book for knowledge along the study walls
Cooking for myself in the nightly wilderness

It comes and goes, but there is still
A door and to whoever wishes to come

Come up and find me, wherever you are
Let’s embrace for one days
This sky shall be ours
But mostly yours

I save the view for you
This house is yours to call home
It may take days, months or years
But these stars will never fall

The armor reminds me of the past
When I never let it down
A burden I carried everywhere around

I am the man under the stars
A former knight and romantic hopeless at large
Hope you come as soon as you can
I’ll be waiting under the covers of stars


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