Poem: “Transition from Knight to Man”

I ported to a mountainous region
I remained still as I saw the light
Which shone high above the ridge
I began to climb

Nearly toppling on jagged rocks
Sharper than blades, harder than brick
The climb became a challenge
Thoughts of the warrior queen came
To play in nightmares during my rest

She smiled at me ready for closure
Yet an adviser warned her not to bother
The door and exile swept in
This time behind me and next to me
Besides the one in front of me

The room began to grow dark
I sat waiting for an open door
Till the green-eyed girl returned

I dreamed her thousands times before while solo
She winked and smile letting me know I was fine
I awoke halfway up my climb
Nearing the top, I let out a sigh
Brought down my armor to let the man come outside


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