Lyrics: “The Weight of Your Shadow”

There’s a weight on my shoulders
It’s of your shadow
That seems to keep me small

It weighs so heavy
This burdening beast
That grew to a monster
Devouring my life

If I stay still
Will you leave my sight?
If I take you off,
Will I sleep at night?
Can I be sane
With all of you on top of me?

I feel the pressure
To rush away from it
Young love blooming
Old love still sailing
This shadow betrays me
Eating my very heart

If I stay strong,
Will you finally go?
If I destroy you,
Will you not reborn
Can I be sane
When you lose control?

The feeling of the madness I took in
Those voices that told you aren’t worth it
That being crying in the corner begging for forgiveness
Is nothing more than tears of false sorrow
You be gone tomorrow or whenever I decide to leave
The shadow is still stalking and haunting me
You never cared at all
Until the fall

If I remain calm,
Can I be sane to go
On to enjoy life
With pleasures I never felt before

If I shine the light on your shadow,
Will they still want you?
Can I be sane
Now that I’ve lost you?


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