BREAKING: replaces in April


Hello readers, followers and longtime blog fans, will no longer be the main domain name. Instead, it will become ( This change is being done to give the site an identity it can be proud of an easier to find. It comes from the original blog series on the site titled Film A Week back in 2013 and the new podcast Film A Week Podcast which began its run in 2016. For the time being, visit and like our Facebook page at Film A Week Podcast and our SoundCloud page here at Film a Week Podcast.

The name change was something I personally debated, but felt was necessary to start giving the Film A Week project a home and a stronger presence. Though Serg Beret is a clever name for a persona, it is not a clever name for a website and I’ve learned that the hard way when promoting the site. will be the beginning of the next phase as we move into more film and pop culture based content with podcasts and written posts. We hope to have two new shows up and running be the time the new site launches.

The current step is to allow more access to the contributors that helped with the site to allow themselves to post their own film reviews, Top of the Crop lists, stories and personal ramblings. This allows them to get their own ideas and thoughts out and not be regulated to just podcast hosts.

We personally cannot wait for the next step in this website’s history and hope to bring you the same wonderful content we have brought you over the years.

Thank you,
Sergio J. Berrueta

Content Creator and Writer
“Serg Beret” on Film A Week


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