Poem: “Rest. In. Peace.”

Appearing as a survivor
Shaking the nerves of those around
Due to a man worth a million,
Your presence was felt

From there, came collisions
With hulking beings, giant monsters
Men of flight, men that charmed snakes
An embodiment of King Kong
An embodiment of a Mack truck

You took the reigns of being champion
From a psycho’s underwhelming reign
You held it till they told you
The brother you had lost
Was coming back from the flame

The battle turned to turmoil
Overcoming the odds
Since then beating men with your ministry
As you began to believe you were God

A year would pass when your followers
People of worship next to you would fall
To the being made of cold stone

A turn came to be grounded
Rolling down to dominate
Tend your yard as you said
From the game trying to play you
The nature boy trying to tame you
And show on a train trying to derail you

Yet, you passed as you did before
And your brother needed to be hit once more
Back from the dead, defeating family again
The man of the dead has risen again

Legend killers attemtpt to kill the undead
Animals came to try to claim the reigns
Opportunist of ultimate design speared in again
The man from heaven came to fight twice
But you left him to leave to the afterlife

The game came back to play twice
Beating him at his own wits
The cult of personality nearly got you down
But your cult defeated his instead

Until the conqueror came and dropped you down
You decimated him later on
Even if the new face of fear came to town
Beating men of money, your pain started to show

The undead mythology was waning
Cracks starting to show
Until an empire came to guide you
With one reign to topple once more

The reigns before him came to light
So you came in prepared to fight
Your body ached with every fist
You fell down with every shift

All the years you spent culminating
In one rapid death
You look upon a cheering crowd
Letting them know this is all that was left

The deadman left himself in the place he was born
Leaving as the survivor
We all knew before


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